It's time to use AI on your server.

AI is a multi-functional bot that is ready to upgrade and level up your Discord server.

There is also Moderation, Clans, Reaction Roles, and much more!








We provide you with the best features!


Unique clan system!

Multi-functional configuration of the clan system. Create clans on your server, build communities of interest, and enjoy interesting Clan features!

Have a question? There is an answer!

Set up a Question/Answer system on your server and give your staff the opportunity to answer all the questions of the server members!


Joined - Role, Leaved - no longer

Cool when you are given a role when you enter the channel and removed when you leave? After all, you can do so much cool stuff with it!


I stay in the Voice channel and count the time.

Find the most active server member by Voice Activity! Track the days, weeks, months, and all the time spent in some channels, as well as the members in those channels. And let's compete who will spend more time in the channel? There are also such statistics, but this is a completely different story!

Many members? How much is that?

I'll show you how many members you have, how many channels, and much more that you want... But only statistics! What did you think? Also, if you have an partner program or a Level 2 Boost, I can generate a unique banner with cool statistics for you!


Ready to try?

Invite a bot and start giving your server cool perks!